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The original Talking Pen (CrayonPEN) is no longer produced - it was replaced by the RECORDERpen which has been upgraded and superceded by the more powerful PENpal            

                          RRP £55.00 +VAT

The Giant Turnip. Talking Book


Albanian, Arabic, English, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Polish, Somali, Tamil, Turkish, Yoruba

Speak Along French. Talking Book

French only


Yeh-hsien - a Chinese Cinderella. Talking Book


English, Vietnamese

Lima’s Red Hot Chilli. Talking Book

English only


Pandora’s Box -a Greek Myth. Talking Book


Albanian, Arabic, English, Polish

The Pied Piper. Talking Book


Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Czech, English, French, German, Polish,  Russian,  Spanish, Vietnamese

The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Talking Book


Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Panjabi, Polish, Portugese, Spanish,Tamil, Turkish, Urdu

Lion Fables. Talking Book


Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Chinese - simplified, English, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Panjabi, Polish, Portugese, Russian, Somali, Spanish,Tagalog, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese

Isis and Osiris. £7.50

Albanian; Arabic; Bengali ; Cantonese; Croatian; Farsi; French; German; Greek; Gujarati; Hindi; Italian;  Kurdish; Panjabi; Portuguese; Russian; Somali; Tamil; Turkish; Urdu; Vietnamese

Not Again, Red Riding Hood! Talking Book


Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, English, Farsi, French, Panjabi, Polish, Portugese, Russian, Spanish,Tamil, Urdu

Hansel and Gretel. Talking Book


Albanian, Chinese - simplified, English, German, Greek, Hindi, Irish,  Italian, Korean, Kurdish, Polish, Russian, Spanish,Tagalog, Tamil, Vietnamese

The Elves and the Shoemaker. Talking Book


Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Chinese - simplified, English, Farsi, French, Panjabi, Portugese, Russian, Somali, Spanish,Tamil, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese

Jill and the Beanstalk. Talking Book £7.50

Czech; English; Farsi; German; Italian; Portuguese; Russian; Somali; Tamil; Turkish; Vietnamese

The Little Red Hen and the Grains of Wheat. Talking Book

Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese - simplified, French, French - simplified, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Polish, Portugese, Romanian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish,Tagalog, Tamil, Urdu

Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Talking Book £7.50

Albanian; Bengali ; Cantonese; Czech; English; Farsi; German; Gujarati; Panjabi; Portuguese; Russian; Spanish; Tamil; Turkish; Vietnamese

Buri and the Marrow. Talking Book £7.50

English; Somali; Spanish; Urdu; Vietnamese

Don’t Cry, Sly. Talking Book £7.50

Albanian; Bengali; Cantonese; Czech; English; Farsi; Gujarati; Panjabi, Polish; Portugese; Serbo-Croatian; Somali; Spanish; Tamiil; Turkish; Urdu

Buskers of Bremen

The Musicians of Bremen. Talking Book


Albanian; Cantonese; English; Farsi; Gujarati; Panjabi; Portugese; Tamil; Vietnamese

Children of Lir, an Irish Myth. Talking Book £7.50

Bengali; Czech; English; Gujarati; Italian; Serbo-Croatian; Vietnamese

Beowulf, an English Myth. Talking Book


Czech; Farsi; Gujarati; Italian; Serbo-Croatian; Tamil; Turkish

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Talking Book £7.50

Albanian, Arabic, Chinese - simplified, English, Farsi, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Kurdish, Portugese, Somali, Spanish,Tamil, Turkish, Urdu

All Kinds of Feelings £7.50
Bengali; Farsi; Porugese; Turkish

Useful for e.g. Citizenship

Science Terms explained, Talking Poster


My House, Talking Poster


Parts of the Body - Alien, Talking Poster


Start of the Day, Talking Mat


Transport, Talking Poster


Farm Animals Wall Frieze


Fruits Frieze


Growing a Sunflower Chart, Talking Poster


‘Digital’ Stickers for use with PENpal

Pack of 250 numbered stickers with corresponding Master Sheet.  £10 +VAT

Record your own audio resources on to the Recorder Pen. Each recording will correspond with a numbered sticker that you can use on nearly anything! The numbered dots on the Master Sheet are to enable the Pen to identify the correct sticker so that the correct recording can be played back when required.

Bring sound to books, charts, objects... You can record instructions, stories, songs, music, facts, languages ... onto labels to add extra audio content to ready made resources.

You can store hours of recordings on one wire-free, portable PENpal and access them instantly at the touch of a sticker.


Includes Recorder Pen,  Personal clip-on Transmitter, Mains powered Receiver/Speaker Unit and Pack of Numbered Stickers as described above.

Current Price On Application POA (approx £200 + VAT)

PENpal - recorder pen technology which brings multiple languages, sounds, songs and interactivity to the printed page! A fantastic way to enhance literacy skills. PENpal, (the newest and most pwerful version is basically an MP3 player that reads and plays back sounds when it touches and recognises digital ‘hot spots’ and also lets you make, save and playback your own recordings at the touch of the PEN. There is a huge range of resources, including books, posters, learning systems and recordable stickers.

Talking or Pen-enabled, Books have ‘hot spots’ embedded in their pages which can be ‘read’ by the Recorder PEN. The growing number of new Recorder Books are even more versatile as users - teachers, children and parents - can record, save and if necessary, re-record text, music or sounds to play back on every page.

This is a fantastic way to improve speaking, listening and storytelling skills Children can re-tell the stories in books, and with recordable Talking Stickers, they can add content to anything else: posters, other books, charts, puppets...even furniture, fixtures and fittings around the room or building. As well as voice, music and sound effects can also be recorded to enrich the experience.

PENpal supports a whole range of learning styles, as the kinaesthetic aspect of physical exploration of the page complements strong aural and visual elements. The PEN can store hours and hours of audio content, and the gaming function allows for quizzes, puzzles and activities to extend the enjoyment of reading. PENpal. holds up to 4 Gb worth of audio files and is rechargeable.

This extremely exciting resource can be used in countless ways. For example, it's fantastic for EAL: parents can record in their own language for their children, and teachers can customise their resources to make them fully inclusive. There are products for children aged 4 - adult, and the Talking Stickers can be used to customise resources for any age-group -- they're even useful for adult learning. 

In order to use the PENpal with a Talking or Pen-abled Book or other publication such as a Talking Poster the relevant audio file must be installed on the PEN. Audio files* are a separate item which can be purchased either with each book or later as required. After purchase links to audio files are sent by email and then downloaded to the computer before being simply transferred to the pen via the USB cable provided.

(*Additional audio files for your PEN can be purchased at any time, for instance when a new book is ordered. It is important to note here that Audio Files are expensive to produce and are therefore not available for every book especially titles/languages for which there is not a great demand).

Customers are strongly advised to check with us whether an Audio File is available, assuming they want one, before ordering specific book(s). each bilingual book is excellent in its own right and does not necessarily have to be – and may not have been published as a Talking Book. Customers with sufficient language skills can of course make any book into a Talking Book if they wish by creating their own Audio Files using the Digital Stickers as described above.


A mains powered portable speaker unit is available which works with a transmitter unit carried by the teacher on a belt. The whole class can now hear what is being said. This would be ideal, for example, for use with a Big Book which has been Talking Pen-enabled by you.

You can go back at anytime and edit anything you have previously recorded or perhaps use a different child to remake the recording. PRICE of the complete system is around £200 + VAT

START. Each publication has an arrow pointing to ‘Start’ which tells the pen which title it is ‘reading’ but if the relevant audio file has not been loaded as described above the PEN will not react.

LANGUAGE. As the published books are bi-lingual a Language ‘button’ is also provided so that the reader can choose whether to hear the text in English or the alternative language. The user selects the language which they want to hear by touching the language ‘button’ with the pen until it ‘speaks’ in the required language.

There is also a mode button on the pen which allows the user to flip instantly between English and the selected foreign language being used.


PENpal £55 + VAT   Digital Stickers, 250 per pack £10 + VAT    Audio Files £3 + VAT

English Terms explained, Talking Poster


Pen Enabled Books (23+) and Posters

REC - denotes one of the new Recorder Book  titles

Books are or were available in the languages shown ,N.B. This information cannot be guaranteed to be up to date so please check before ordering:

Alfie’s Angels. Talking Book £7.50

Albanian; Cantonese; Farsi; German; Gujarati; Italian; Russian; Serbo-Croatian; Turkish

Aliens Love Underpants. Talking Book £7.50

Arabic; Bengali ; Cantonese; Farsi; French ; Haitian-Creole; Lithuanian;  Mandarin;  Polish; Portuguese; Russian; Spanish; Turkish

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? Talking Book £7.50

Albanian; Arabic; Bengali; Cantonese; Farsi; Gujarati; Hindi; Kurdish; Panjabi; Portuguese; Shona; Somali; Tamil; Turkish; Urdu; Vietnamese; Yoruba

Brrmm! Let's Go! Talking Book £7.50

Bengali Cantonese Czech English French Mandarin Polish

Portuguese Russian Spanish Urdu

Dear Zoo Board Book £6.50

Arabic; Bengali; Cantonese; Farsi; French; Polish; Portuguese; Russian

Deepak’s Divali £7.50

Arabic; Bengali; English; French; Gujarati; Malayam; Nepali; Panjabi; Polish; Tamil; Urdu

Dragon’s Tears, a Chinese Folktale softback book £7.50

Bengali; Gujarati; Japanese; Panjabi, Serbo-Croatian; Somali; Urdu; Vietnamese

Ellie's Secret Diary  £7.50

Albanian; Bulgarian; Croatian; Farsi; Gujarati; Hindi; Japanese; Kurdish; mandarin; Panjabi, Shona; Somali; Swahili; Turkish

Ellie's Secret Diary 2 £7.50

Cantonese; French; Italian; Portugese

Farmer Duck  £7.50

Albanian; Arabic; Bengali; Bulgarian; Cantonese; Farsi; French; German; Greek; Gujarati; Hindi; Italian; Japanese; Korean; Kurdish; Mandarin; Nepali; Panjabi; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian; Russian; Somali; Spanish; Tagalog; Tamil; Turkish; Vietnamese; Yoruba

Floppy  £3.50

Albanian; Farsi; Gujarati; Panjabi; Portuguese; Turkish; Vietnamese; Yoruba

Floppy in the Dark  £3.50

Albanian; Farsi; Gujarati; Panjabi; Somali; Turkish; Vietnamese

Floppy’s Friends  £3.50

Albanian; Farsi; Gujarati; Shona; Tamil; Turkish; Yoruba

Fox Fables  £7.50

Albanian; Bengali; Bulgarian; Cantonese; Croatian; Farsi; French; German; Greek; Gujarati; Irish; Italian; Korean; Kurdish; Panjabi; Polish; Portuguese; Somali; Spanish; Tagalog; Tamil; Turkish; Urdu; Vietnamese; Yoruba

Goal! Let’s Play!  £7.50

Arabic; Bengali; Cantonese; Czech; English; French; Mandarin; Polish; Portuguese; Russian; Spanish; Urdu

Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Talking Book REC £7.50

Albanian; Arabic; Bengali ; Cantonese; Czech; English; Farsi; French ; German; Gujarati; Hindi; Italian; Panjabi; Polish; Portuguese; Russian; Somali; Spanish; Turkish; Urdu

Goose Fables. Talking Book REC £7.50

Arabic; Bengali ; Cantonese; English; Farsi; French ; Hebrew; Lithuanian; Mandarin; Polish; Portuguese; Russian; Slovakian;Somali; Spanish; Urdu

Grandma’s Saturday Soup. £7.50

Albanian; Bengali ; Cantonese; Farsi; French; German;  Gujarati; Italian; Japanese; Panjabi; Patois; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian; Somali; Swahili; Turkish; Twi;  Urdu; Yoruba

Handa’s Hen.  £7.50

Albanian; Farsi; Shilluk

Handa’s Surprise  £7.50

Albanian; Cantonese; Farsi; Gujarati; Panjabi; Portuguese; Tamil; Twi; Vietnamese

Augustus and his Smile £7.50

Albanian; Arabic; Bengali ; Czech; English; Farsi; French ; Haitian-Creole; Hindi; Lithuanian;  Mandarin;  Panjabi; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian; Russian; Slovakian; Somali; Spanish; Turkish; Urdu; Vietnamese; Welsh

Hansel & Gretel £7.50

Albanian; English; Greek; Hindi; Irish; Italian; Korean; Kurdish; Mandarin; Spanish; Tagalog; Tamil; Vietnamese

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes Board Book REC £6.50

Albanian; Arabic; Bengali ; Cantonese; Farsi; French ; Gujaraiti; Hindi; Korean; Panjabi; Portuguese; Somali; Spanish; Turkish; Urdu; Vietnamese

I Took the Moon for a Walk. Talking Book £7.50

Albanian; Arabic; Bengali ; English; Farsi; French; Panjabi; Polish; Portuguese; Russian; Somali; Turkish; Urdu

Jill and the Beanstalk. Talking Book £7.50

Czech; English; Farsi; German; Italian; Portuguese; Russian; Somali; Tamil; Turkish; Vietnamese