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Physical French Phonics - Resource book with worksheets and DVD

72 Pages  ISBN: 9780857475015   OUR PRICE £27.75 + VAT - RRP £32.65 + £2.10 VAT on the DVD

Age groups: 5 - 7 years, 7 - 11 years, 11 -14 years

Physical French Phonics is a European Language Label winning project in 2012.

Physical French Phonics is a multisensory approach to teaching French phonics developed in conjunction with primary school children and their teachers over the course of several years.

For each phoneme, students learn an action, as well as the graphemes associated with that sound. Cheerful colourful cartoon pictures link the actions to the sounds and help to facilitate learning.

The comprehensive teacher’s guide provides a clear step-by-step approach to introducing pupils to French phonemes. It contains practical advice, activities and guidance, along with photocopiable games and reference sheets.

Pupils will not only learn to pronounce correctly the French vocabulary introduced, they will also gain the skills to tackle any new vocabulary they encounter with confidence.

The DVD comprises:

Video clips of French speakers saying each sound and performing the associated action

Video clips of French speakers saying and acting out key words, carefully selected to introduce all the French phonemes

Video clips of French speakers demonstrating how liaison works in practice

Audio clips of all the phonemes and words introduced

Attractive full-colour flashcards and resource sheets, giving you access to ready-made colourful resources for displays and games

Interactive white-board files for all the phonemes so, once you understand the system, you can make your own phonic resources to accompanying any topic.

¡Vamos a Cantar! (KS3) Resource book with worksheets and CDs

64 Pages ISBN: 9780857476531 OUR PRICE £27.75 +VAT – RRP £32.65 + £2.10 VAT on CD

Age groups: 11 -14 years

!Vamos a Cantar! (KS3) book and CD set contains 20 easy-to-learn Spanish songs written specifically to help primary school children to learn Spanish. They are linked to the QCA schemes of work for modern foreign languages at Key Stage 2 but are also relevant for pupils in Years 7 and 8, especially those with special needs.


The songs introduce and reinforce key vocabulary, such as:


Names and ages

Time and days of the week

Family and pets

Food and drink

Classroom items and instructions

Weather, months and seasons

Countries where Spanish is spoken

CD 1 contains all 20 songs sung by Spanish children. CD 2 contains instrumental tracks for the songs.

The songs in this book are designed for 7-13 year olds. If you are a KS2 teacher you may wish to order the KS2 version of this book. It contains the same songs.

12 Petites Pièces à Jouer Resource book with worksheets and CD

48 Pages ISBN: 9780857476517  OUR PRICE £27.75 + VAT  – RRP £32.65 + VAT on CD

Age groups: 11 -14 years

12 mini French plays for beginning French pupils to listen to and act out. The plays are suitable for lower secondary school students.


Drama provides a fun way to practise French, promote fluency and develop confidence. These 12 entertaining mini-plays:

Are age appropriate

Use simple, repetitive language

Can easily be adapted

Are ideal for use with mixed-ability groups

Complement and reinforce whatever scheme you are using

Help to promote various skills such as: imitating pronunciation of sounds, recognizing patterns in simple sentences, and taking part in pair and group work.

The photocopiable book contains scripts, English translations, worksheets to extend the plays and suggestions for performing the plays. Native French speakers perform the plays on the audio CD included with the book.

The plays in this book are designed for 7-13 year olds. If you are a KS2 teacher you may wish to order the KS2 version of this book. It contains the same plays.


Ages 11 – 14 years

C'est chouette is an exciting new DVD for French teaching, made up of 18 short episodes which add up to more than 60 minutes of engaging film to use in class. The story follows four typical fourteen-year-olds from a Parisian secondary school and explores their daily routine, hobbies and customs.
The themes covered range from their relationship with their parents and shopping, to more serious ones such as pollution and their hopes for the future. The episodes are set in a variety of locations (classroom, canteen, library, restaurant, train station, home and excursions around Paris), which intensifies the impact of the cultural experience.

A Great Teaching Tool
With its contemporary feel and modern-day outlook,
C’est chouette constitutes an excellent tool for engaging students in comprehension and oral work whilst stimulating analysis and discussion.

PAL version. This DVD may not be viewable outside the UK

More information can be found on the website


Ages 11 – 14 years

Top of Form

An accompanying CD-ROM for PC, containing supporting material for all eighteen C'est chouette ! programmes. They test students' comprehension of the material in each unit, as well as provide extra vocabulary-building work. Students' progress is tracked throughout, and after completion of each unit, a graded certificate can be printed out..

A demo unit can be found online at

RRP £14.99 - DISCOUNT FROM 10%

Top of Form

A paper-based workbook containing supporting materials for the C’est chouette programmes. Photocopiable, 88 pages.

RRP £149.99 +VAT - DISCOUNT FROM 10%

Top of Form

Top of FormC’est chouette  SCHOOL PACKAGE. Includes 3 copies of the DVD, 3 copies of the workbook and a site licence for the software.