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DISCOUNT from 10%

About the Francais! Francais! Book

Full colour and features a vocabulary page, where each vocabulary item has a picture. Each picture has the French word in blue (masculine) or red (feminine) and in English.

Opposite this is a page where this vocabulary is used in short simple conversations, poems, songs, raps and jokes. There is a CD reference for each song, rap, poem or conversation so that the tracks can be easily located.

It could not be more user friendly! Perfect for the pupil, teacher and the primary or non specialist teacher, or teacher of special needs.

Words in English to all the songs and conversations can be found in the back of the book.

N.B. The book is NOT PHOTOCOPIABLE. All resources must be printed from the Resource CD ROM available separately or with the Complete Pack

The book is supplied FREE with 3 CD set and with the Complete Pack

Resources CD ROM RRP £44.26 +VAT

DISCOUNT from 10%

A fully comprehensive 'READ ME' folder is available on the CD-ROM full of ideas for photocopiable games and worksheets.

The CD-ROMs are also suitable for use with classroom projectors.

With over 30 topics to choose from, the teacher simply prints out the resources when required.  

Resource items include:

Flash Cards - Available in full colour A5 size, flash cards can be prepared so that the picture is on one side and the picture and the word on the other.

Wording on flash cards is also available in outline only so that colour printers need not be used and pupils can colour in the word in the appropriate "gender" colour

Display Songs / Raps - Songs and raps can be printed so that they can become posters.  These can be permanently displayed or brought out when a topic requires revisiting.  Singing a song or rapping a rap is a perfect form of revision!

Français! Français! Interactive Whiteboard DVD Disk One


DISCOUNT from 10%

Containing over 200 pages of flipcharts that have been written specifically for use on the interactive whiteboard. Exciting, energetic and colourful, they offer a new dimension to this very successful course.

The fully interactive whiteboard files support the MFL Framework for KS2 and 5-14. The Flipchart action songs are demonstrated on video.

NEW FORMAT. The interactive whiteboard disks now work on ANY BOARD including Promethian or Smart .

If you have a Promethean Board use your ACTIVE PRIMARY or ACTIVE STUDIO software.

For any other board use the SE software which is available to download and install from the the disk.

Free upgrades available from the Promethean website….click on the logo

The interactive disks will also run on LAPTOPS - stand alone and networked.

Interactive Disc One consists of 8 flipcharts, each with up to 32 pages, covering the topics Greetings, Classroom, Numbers and Weather.

•           Supports the specialist and non-specialist teacher.

•           Essential repetition is built in, but is never boring.

•           Pupils learn the language very quickly through the music medium.

•           Teachers and children find the songs catchy, easy to follow and easy to remember.

•           Children recall vocabulary and expressions more readily when they have used them in the context of a song or rap.

•           The background beat is infectious and appealing to children.

•           Suitable for use with SEN students.

•           Extremely user-friendly

COMPLETE PACK (comprising 3 Audio CD set, Teacher’s Resource Book and Resources CD ROM


DISCOUNT from 10%


Tête, épaules, genoux, pieds. RRP £5............WITH 10% DISCOUNT £4.50  +VAT

This is a colourful and fun Power Point presentation on disk suitable for use with Nursery age children

6 slides