Hexagonie 1

For Teaching French in Primary Schools  7 - 11 years

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224 pages, photocopiable, plus audio CD and 120 flashcards

ISBN: 978-1-903853-92-4

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Hexagonie is a new method of teaching French to primary school children. easy to follow for both specialist and non-specialist teachers.

•   Makes learning French enjoyable.

•   It encourages children to play with words and language structures and to create their own memory techniques, which in turn helps them to internalize the language structures, making them more efficient learners.

•   Brings the French language to life. Stories about the imaginary land of Hexagonie, whose inhabitants are nouns, verbs and other parts of speech, help to engage pupils’ imaginations and further their understanding of French language structures.

Hexagonie provides comprehensive coverage of all the Oracy and Literacy objectives of the KS2 Framework for Languages, and many of those for Intercultural Understanding.

The component parts

Hexagonie 1 is the first part of a four-part scheme for Key Stage 2. Parts 2–4 will follow is 2008–9. Schools wishing to teach French to all four years of Key Stage 2 can follow the four-part scheme. Alternatively, Hexagonie 1 can be used to introduce children to French at any time in Key Stage 2.



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