Beautiful illustrations accompany these warm and humorous stories, told in both English and French. A brilliant way to continue your language learning or just a great story to be enjoyed on its own. Controlled bilingual texts with lots of useful repetition ensure the improvement of your language skills.

Age Range: 3+ years

George the Goldfish/Georges le Poisson Rouge

Bertie, Harry's pet goldfish dies and is buried in the garden. Harry and his mother plant bulbs on his grave. After the passing of the seasons, Harry is thrilled to see beautiful flowers sprouting and then blooming on the same spot.

Author: Lone Morton

Illustrator: Leighton Noyes

ISBN: 978-1-902915-16-6

Price: £6.99

Get Dressed, Robbie/Habille-toi, Robbie

Robbie has his own views on what he will wear today. Everyone will love these warm and humorous stories and their enchanting colour illustrations by very talented illustrators.

Author: Lone Morton

Illustrator: Anna C. Leplar

ISBN: 978-1-874735-04-5

Price: £5.99

Goodnight Everyone/Bonne nuit à tous

It’s Martha’s bedtime, but first she has to say goodnight to all her cuddly friends: teddy, penguin, monkey and little mouse. They’re all tucked in - but will there be space for Martha?

Author: Lone Morton

Illustrator: Jakki Wood

ISBN: 978-1-874735-70-10

Price: £5.99

Happy Birthday!/Bon Anniversaire!

Michael’s party is in full swing when - oops, away fly all the colourful balloons! Is the party spoilt or will Mum come to the rescue?

Author: Mary Risk a.k.a. Elizabeth Laird

Illustrator: Lucy Keijser

ISBN: 978-1-874735-97-7

Price: £5.99

Hurry Up Molly!/Dépêche-toi Molly!

It’s time for Molly to get ready for bed and then dad will read her a story. But Molly enjoys herself too much in the bathroom. Suddenly she remembers Dad is waiting!

Author: Lone Morton

Illustrator: Gill Scriven

ISBN: 978-1-874735-98-4

Price: £5.99

I Want My Banana!/Je Veux ma Banane!

Monkey is looking for his banana but the other animals offer questionnable help. The jungle creatures offer tasty alternatives, but he's not convinced.

Author: Mary Risk a.k.a. Elizabeth Laird

Illustrator: Alex de Wolf

ISBN: 978-1-874735-03-8

Price: £5.99

I'm Too Big/Je Suis Trop Gros

The elephant and giraffe are unhappy. One would like to be taller, the other shorter. One would like bigger ears, the other smaller ones. But finally they agree they like each other as they are.

Author: Lone Morton

Illustrator: Steve Weatherill

ISBN: 978-1-874735-65-6

Price: £6.99

Puppy Finds a Friend/Le Petit Chien se Trouve un Ami

It’s Saturday and Puppy wants to play. He tries his farmyard friends but they all have something more important to do. Will he have to play alone, or can he find a friend after all?

Author: Catherine Bruzzone

Illustrator: John Bendall-Brunello

ISBN: 978-1-874735-99-1

Price: £5.99

Space Postman/Le Facteur Spatial

Captain Crater, the Space Postman sets off in his rocket to deliver letters and packages to all the planets. On his way, the postbag falls out of the rocket. Captain Crater is very upset but all is not lost!

Author: Lone Morton

Illustrator: Martin Ursell

ISBN: 978-1-902915-17-3

Price: £6.99

What's For Supper?/Qu'est-ce qu'On Mange ce Soir?

Dad and his children are cooking tonight, but first they have to go shopping at the supermarket. They want to keep the dish a secret from Mum. What can they be making?

Author: Mary Risk a.k.a. Elizabeth Laird

Illustrator: Carol Thompson

ISBN: 978-1-874735-39-7

Price: £5.99


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